Viverano Milan Earthy Knit Baby Round Hat (Organic Cotton)


Classic, cozy and soft baby round hat in pure organic cotton fine sweater knit.

- 100% organic cotton round hat, super soft for comfort.
- Classic and adorable design with meticulous detailing.
- Super Soft, lightweight, all-season, cozy and comfy.
- Eco-friendly, chemical free, non-toxic, pure, natural & organic baby clothes.
- Ethically produced in India, supporting better livelihoods for small grower farmers.

Viverano, an American brand, was founded in 2013 with the simple idea of producing eco-friendly, pure and organic baby clothes. Viverano baby clothing is known for its soft hand feel and high quality. Pamper your precious babies with our non-toxic, lightweight, all-season, natural baby outfits.

Experience 'Organic Comfort' by Viverano, a family-owned small business.