Genuine Bodycare Lavender and Rosemary Soap Bar


The smell of calming lavender blends so beautifully with the uplifting scent of rosemary. This bar has such a beautiful, almost romantic scent to it. Naturally colored using Brazilian purple clay and deeply moisturizing thanks to our blend of butters and oils. Did you know purple clay has a very unique compound of minerals? This rejuvenating clay is perfect for all skin types, but is especially popular with normal, dry or sensitive skin as it helps nourish and detoxify, eliminating wastes such as impurities, oils and dead skin cells so that your skin can look healthy and refreshed. It provides so many more benefits than just its beautiful purple hue. Each of our bars weigh about 6 ounces and are larger than most on the market. Recommended as a body bar and hand soap. All of our soap bars are completely zero waste and sustainable. Each one is wrapped in a recycled paper label.